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What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?


Coffee beans are harvested as seeds inside bright red berries grown in trees. The green coffee bean is taken out from its berry shell and roasted to release its distinct flavor and aroma that brewed coffee loves know. For centuries, coffee was prepared and served more like tea from those raw green coffee bean and actually taste bitter with none of the characteristic aroma we have come to know. In addition, it wasn't very popular and non-addictive as a beverage since it has very minimal amounts of caffeine, the chemical compound that makes coffee a stimulant and in many cases, addictive.

It wasn't long before people discovered what a better beverage newly harvested coffee beans make when first roasted. Since then, coffee merchants rarely sell raw coffee in its green state as it lacks precisely those qualities that appeal to coffee drinkers. You may ask what's so important about green coffee then? It's the chlorogenic acid. Green coffee has lots of those which get significantly reduced in the roasting process where the green coffee bean is heated up to 475 degrees.


The weight loss and antihypertensive benefits behind the Green Coffee Bean Extract:


The largely unheard of green coffee leaped into popular consciousness as a healthy weight loss solution after it was featured on a popular health doctor TV Show in September 10, 2012. It was reffered to as "the green coffee bean that burns fat fast" without the need for exercise or a low calorie diet. He referred to the 50% chlorogenic acid content in green coffee bean extracts as having the promise to be a fat inhibiting chemical for which diet supplements formulated with this natural beans have become widely sought after.

Thereafter, the green coffee bean extract has been hyped up by several press and online advertisers as a miraculous healthy alternative to lose weight. But the hype is not without basis. The ant oxidative, bioavailabity, anti-hypertensive, anti-obesity, anti-cancer, and anti-bacterial properties of chlorogenic acid and similar p henolic acids have been the subject of several laboratory and clinical studies in the years before the green coffee been extract became popular as a health-giving diet supplement. Between 1985 and 2004 alone, there have been 2010 scientific studies and research works that have shown, suggested, hinted or confirmed many of these health-giving properties of chlorogenic acid found in green coffee beans.

View the clinical and scientific studies here


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What are the Likely Benefits of Green Coffee?

The chlorogenic acid extract from the green coffee bean, at 50% concentration, provides the following physiological benefits:

  • Slows the release of sugars from the foods we eat so the body burns fats

  • Helps prevent sugar from being stored as lipids

  • Regulates blood sugar levels

  • Reduces cholesterol levels

  • Inhibits the growth rate of new fats cells

  • Helps lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation

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    Promising health benefits

    Chlorogenic acid in green coffee has been the subject of several scientific studies that have consistently confirmed its health benefits against heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, fat absorption, viral and bacterial infections and even cancer. Chlorogenic acid has shown significant promise in several observed pharmacologic actions that make it an antioxidant, anticancer, antibiosis, antiviral, and immune-modulating agent, among others. It has been proven to be a hydroxycinnamic acid and phytonutrient that has several health benefits in humans.


    If a person chooses to continue with his consumptive lifestyle and do nothing about it, the GCE in his or her diet may result in losing 2-3 lbs in a month's time with regular intake or around 6-9 lbs after 3 months. Nevertheless, for maximum benefit, it is still recommended that obese or overweight persons embark on a fundamentally healthier diet and the suitable workout regimen carried out consistently. Complemented with diet supplements containing GCE, a higher level of weight loss can be achieved. The more serious weight watchers whop combine a healthy diet exercise and a regular GCE intake can expect to lose up to 2-3 lbs a week.

    Maximizing the benefits of Green Coffee bean Extract

    While the chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract can result in progressive weight lover over a period of 5-6 months without improving on your consumptive and sedentary lifestyle, it must be understood that for serious weight watchers, any weight loss product can be made significantly more effective when coupled with the right low fat but healthy diet and regular exercise routines.